If you have joined the best online gambling agent

If you have joined the best online gambling agent, then applying the First Half betting formula will run smoothly and safely. To understand it, you can listen to the discussion below. Watch carefully!

FH.HDP 0.0 is a market (kei) provided by the best online gambling agents. The value provided is usually 0.05 or contortion. If you choose the First Half bet type, then the markets provided by the best online gambling agents are only ¼ goals.
Home is the menu for selecting the home team (Team A). In the best online gambling agents, there is a black menu which indicates that the menu is Team A. The value available on the menu is around 1.28, which means that the bet that you put up with a nominal 100,000: win will get 228,900. If you lose the bet, you will lose 100,000.
Away is an option for the away team (Team B) in red and the number provided is -1.47. That number means, if you place a bet on Team B with a capital of 100,000 and win, 200,000 profit is obtained. When you lose a bet, you are asked to pay a bet of 147,000.
The FH.G section is a menu that you can choose if you are sure of the number of goals created in the initial round by the pairing method. This option has a rule that says that place bets in the Over / Under column are located close together or next to each other. Well, for example, Over Under you get 1-1.5 and 1.50, the dealer must open the market 1 goal ¼. Then, it will place 1 goal ½ that you can choose when placing a half round betting.
If you choose 1-1.5 and the number of goals scored in the first half is 2 goals, you win online gambling betting. However, if in the first half only one goal was created, you are considered to have lost half. Another case if you place a bet at the number 1.50 and the results in the first half only 1 goal only. Means you are considered to have won full or full online gambling.
The count formula for Team A’s handicap against Team B is with the dealer giving three markets. There are three markets that can determine the results, namely 0.50, 0-05, and 0.51. Well, online soccer betting matches are done furiously.
0.50 is ½ the goal for Team B that wins in full if a goal is created. Otherwise, the match / bet is considered a draw, you are considered to lose.
0-0.5 is a fur ¼ goal for Team B that wins in full if the difference is 1 goal. If the match is a draw, you lose half.
0.5-1 is a fur ¾ Team B wins in full if the goal difference is 2. If you choose this number and only one goal is scored, Team B wins the bet even though the nominal amount is not full. If the match is a draw, you are considered losing.

If you are not satisfied with the Half Time bet calculation formula, you don’t need to worry. We include other formulas that are not less tempting. The type of bet we will review is Mix Parlay.

Well, we consider you place bets in the three big teams with a capital bet of 200,000. The big teams (think of it) Manchester United (MU) vs. Chelsea (CH), Liverpool (LP) vs. Bayer Munchen (BM), and Arsenal (US) vs. Paris Saint Germany (PSG). L gives voor to BM with a value of -2.00 @ 1.94 fur 2, Odds = 1.94. Then, MU gives a vote to CH with a value of -0.50 @ 2.13 fur ½, Odds – 2.13. And, the US gave a vote to PSG with a value of -0.50 @ 1.99 ½ Odds = 1.99.

If all three teams win the bet, the Mix Palay formula will experience multiplication. Using Mix Parlay with a capital of 200,000 and winning it, the profit gained is 1.44,000. If one of the selected teams loses, bet pairs are considered to lose ½ or draw. The Mix Parlay count wins full, which means using the formula Team A × Odds Team B × Team C Odds × value of the bet being paired.

If one team wins half, the Odds of the team that wins half will change. The change becomes Odds – 1: 2 or + 1 team wins half ((1/2) = Odds -1: 2 +1).
One team loses half, the Odds change by 0.5.
If one result is a draw, the Odds change to 1. You can ignore the Odds value and do not need to be multiplied by the other team’s Odds.

Done discussion about the winning formula betting gambling in a trusted ball bookie agensbobet99.club. Next time we will share a more complete review. Hopefully useful and goodbye.

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